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Every painting that is painted with feeling is heart of the artist, not of the Object/Subject. The artist is nothing without the gift of skill gifted by LORD, but the gift is nothing without work.So I keep my works on Paintings on and on -whenever I find free times. I wan't to devote my Life to the 4 most valuable things that I believe are best for me in this world: (1).My Parents (2).My Radha-Krishna (3).My Paintings and (4).My DreamGirl - Jo bas sapno mein aati hai .......!!!!!!When I will find her will ....27/01/2011 @2:30 AM..........cheers :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

           There Are worries all over  but God has all controls in 
   HiS Hands and He is aware of all. 

                                                        My Loving GOD

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

=================Works on and on =========================

                           Oh My Friend Ganesha Tu Rehna Sang Hamesha -
        "Hey Gauri k lal - Najar tujhe lag jayegi - Mat kar tu sringaar - najar tujhe lag jayegi"
   With Reference to my Below Pic - My self potrait in form of Kanhaiya Ji below art work........

                           "If You Thaink I Am Crazy - " YES - I AM in love of My God"
           Ab Mohan se Dil Kyun Lagaya hai - Ye main Janu ya Wo Jane - Tum nai samjhoge Yaar...
                     Kanhaiya - " Mujhme Tujhme bas fark Yehi - Mai Nar hu Tum NARAYAN ho...
                     Main Hu Sansaar k hathon Mein -  Sansaar Tumhare hathon mein.............."
(1). The Wave                                                                             (2). Angelina's Sketch

             (1). The Care in Love    (2). The Hunt - from a pond.

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